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Audience Questions

  • What is the Ministry of Culture and Youth?

    The Ministry of Culture and Youth (MCY) is a leading governmental authority focused on setting the UAE’s cultural agenda and nurturing creative talent. The Ministry’s mandate is centred around preserving the UAE’s national identity as well as promoting its position on the global cultural map. In line with the country’s aspirations to cement its knowledge-based economy, the Ministry plays a pivotal role in nurturing innovation and creativity in the UAE’s cultural sector and increasing its contribution to the national economy. This objective falls in line with the strategic objective and goals of the UAE Vision 2021, which charts the next stage in the country’s journey with a focus on preserving its rich heritage, sharing knowledge, and innovating.

    Given their role in supporting economic development, the Ministry is dedicated to championing, cultivating and supporting the UAE’s creative industries. These encompass disciplines as diverse as cultural intangible heritage, cultural tangible heritage, literature, visual arts, performing arts, design, audio-visual media and digital innovation.

    The Ministry works with several entities including the federal and local governments, the private sector, civil society organizations, and media institutions to protect and promote the country's cultural heritage and agenda.

  • When was the Ministry of Culture and Youth established?

    The Ministry was first established under the name of the Ministry of Information and Culture, according to Article 58 of the temporary constitution of the United Arab Emirates, and under Federal Decree No. 1 of 1972, regarding the functions of the Ministries and the powers of the Ministers.

    In 2006, Federal Decree-Law No. 1 of 2006 for amending some provisions of Federal Law No. 1 of 1972, was issued, upon which the Ministry of Information and Culture was cancelled, and the Ministry of Culture, Youth and Community Development was developed.

    A decade later in February 2016, the Council of Ministers issued a decision to add some specialties and change the name to the Ministry of Culture and Knowledge Development.

  • Who is the Ministry of Culture and Youth?

    Her Excellency Noura bint Mohammed Al Kaabi was appointed the Minister of Culture and Youth in October 2017.

    Prior to this, Her Excellency was appointed as the UAE Minister of State for Federal National Council Affairs to act as the key link between the Cabinet and the Federal National Council.

    Noura Al Kaabi is also Chairwoman of the Media Zone Authority - Abu Dhabi (MZA) and twofour54, President of Zayed University and Chairwomen of ADNEC

  • What are the services provided by the Ministry of Culture and Youth?

    The Ministry of Culture and Youth is the guiding entity of the cultural sector in the country and its aim is to articulate, coordinate, execute and work on introducing policies on cultural matters.

    The Ministry works on three core sectors: Knowledge and Cultural Policies, Heritage and Arts, Cultural and Creative Industries.

    These sectors have subsequent departments that focus on the establishment of a consistent cultural dialogue with local and international communities, further developing the cultural industry, and the empowerment of creative talent in artistic, literary, theatrical and musical fields. Furthermore, the Ministry works closely with several public and private organizations including federal entities, local governments, cultural operators, and media institutions to protect the country's national identity, traditions and heritage.

  • What is the strategy of the Ministry of Culture and Youth?

    The strategy of the Ministry of Culture and Youth is based around four core pillars, centred around the promotion and preservation of the UAE national identity as well as creating a culture that inspires the world.

    The four pillars are:

    • Preserving cultural national identity: enhancing the pride of UAE citizens by preserving cultural heritage components and interacting with the community
    • Enabling the UAE cultural sector: Discovering and creating a pool of national talents, developing a cultural infrastructure to create a world-class cultural landscape
    • Enhancing the cultural and creative industry to develop a knowledge- based economy; through coordinating with active bodies/ encouraging research in the cultural and creative industry
    • Strengthening the UAE’s position on the global cultural map by promoting cultural initiatives both regionally and internationally.
  • Which cultural industries fall under the Ministry’s mandate?

    The Ministry focuses on six cultural industries which include Intangible Cultural Heritage, Tangible Cultural Heritage, Literature, Performing Arts, Design and Visual Arts.

  • Which creative industries fall under the Ministry’s mandate?

    The Ministry focuses on eight creative industries which include Digital Creativity, Audio-visual Media, Intangible Cultural Heritage, Tangible Cultural Heritage, Literature, Performing Arts, Design and Visual Arts.

  • What are the prizes launched and sponsored by the Ministry?

    Recognizing talent is key to the Ministry’s mandate for knowledge development and enabling the UAE’s cultural sector with an environment where emerging talent can thrive.

    In line with this, the Ministry of Culture and Youth have launched several awards in visual arts, performing arts and literature.

    The Ministry has also set up the Al Burda Award; launched in 2004, it is an international initiative focused on supporting and fostering creativity, as well as raising awareness about Islamic art and culture both locally and globally. This award recognizes talent in the categories of poetry and Arabic calligraphy with a mix of traditional and modern elements of Islamic art.

  • How does the Ministry encourage national talent?

    The Ministry has launched several projects and programmes that aim to successfully attract and nurture young Emirati talent. Such programmes include Al Burda initiative, an international platform for Islamic art and culture; and the UAE Cultural Week, an important platform that exemplifies a long-standing friendship between the UAE and France where creative energies of young talents are showcased.

    Supporting national talent and encouraging the transfer and development of knowledge through international opportunities and platforms is a focus for the Ministry’s mandate to nurture the growing infrastructure of talent. To engage and inspire younger generations with a connection to their cultural identity is pivotal to strengthening the UAE’s position as a hub for nurturing talents globally.

  • Which local cultural departments and authorities that regulate and operate in the cultural sector fall under the mandate of the Ministry of Culture and Youth?

    The Ministry works with all seven Emirates to enhance the cultural heritage and offerings across the nation. The departments the Ministry works with are:

    • Department of Culture and Tourism - Abu Dhabi
    • Dubai Culture and Arts Authority
    • Department of Culture – Sharjah
    • Sharjah Book Fair Authority
    • Sharjah Art Foundations
    • Sharjah Museum Authority
    • Department of Tourism Development – Ajman
    • Department of Tourism and Antiquities - Umm Al Quwain
    • Department of Antiquities and Museums - Ras Al Khaimah
    • Fujairah Authority for Culture and Information
    • Ajman culture center
  • I would like to receive news from The Ministry. How can I be added to the mailing list?

    Please send us an email to and we will make sure you are added to our mailing list.

  • Where can I find information about archaeological sites?

    Please visit the National Registry of Archaeological sites to find out more.

  • How can I participate in events related to the Ministry?

    Please contact us on this number 800552255 and we will assist you on how to participate in our events.